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April 8-11, 2021

Ventura County, CA

Rooster Conspiracy

The Grateful Dead's Bill Kreutzmann became the founder and patriarch of Rooster Conspiracy when he was looking for a band to jam with on New Years Day 2017. He invited three friends and musical brethren -- Eric Krasno, Reed Mathis, and Todd Stoops -- to join him in a friend's backyard in Hawaii, where instruments were still set up from a NYE show the night before. They had no setlist and hadn't prepared any songs. They just... jammed. They were so floored by the sounds they created that they ended up playing again for hours the next day.

Kreutzmann encouraged the band to continue jamming while he fulfilled his duties with Dead & Company and suggested Jay Lane as his substitute. Rooster Conspiracy has made just a handful of very select appearance since then, making each one a special event by transforming one Grateful Dead song into an entire set at a time, jamming them out "till things you've never seen, seem familiar."

Band Members:

Jay Lane - Drums
Reed Mathis - Bass
Eric Krasno - Guitar
Todd Stoops - Keys

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