Celebrating The Music and Community of the Grateful Dead

April 8-11, 2021

Ventura County, CA

Electric Waste Band

Formed in 1989, Electric Waste Band has entertained the San Diego deadhead community ever since with a vast repertoire of Grateful Dead, JGB, Allman Brothers and Beatles tunes to name a few. Taking their cue from the Dead, EWB has never been concerned with replicating the sound of any band. Rather, EWB has sought to play music in the spirit of the Grateful Dead while always placing EWB’s own unique spin on each tune. And the fans seem to enjoy it. EWB is currently in its 28th year of weekly Monday night shows at Winstons in Ocean Beach. That’s 1,436 shows, 2,872 sets and over 4,300 hours of “rock Dead” on Monday nights alone. EWB has recently teamed up with the Burning Man online radio station, shoutingfire.com, to simulcast their Monday night shows, with replays for east coast fans and Europe on Thursday nights and Saturdays, respectively. Along with their established Monday night gig, EWB has appeared at clubs throughout San Diego, as well as being an endearing favorite at local outdoor music festivals. The last few years has seen Deadhead Extraordinaire Bill Walton jamming on percussion with the band. In 2019 Bill and the band teamed up with the San Diego Padres for the Padres inaugural Grateful Dead night. EWB also brought their show to Sweetwater Music Hall and were joined by Dead & Co's Jeff Chimenti on keys and Rat Dog's Dave Ellis on sax. Of course, having Bob Weir join Bill and the band for several songs was a highlight of the trip. Sports Center got word of the show and EWB found itself in the top 10 plays of the week. For their efforts through the years, EWB has been honored multiple times with San Diego Music Award nominations. And most recently, EWB received honors for their cultural contribution to Ocean Beach by the City of San Diego, the California State Assembly and State Senate, and the US House of Representatives. While the band appreciates the recognition, the band is equally enthusiastic about having its own beer, Electric Waste Beer, brewed by the legendary Karl Strauss Brewery. A red IPA with ingredients sourced from Grateful Dead songs, including Sugar Magnolias, Scarlet Begonias and Rose Buds, the fans routinely enjoy a cold Electric Waste Beer while grooving to the music of EWB. It's delicious.

Saturday 4th April 2020

3:00 PM Electric Waste Band Main Stage
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Dear Dead Heads,

Many worlds we’ve come …

We at Deluxe and SKULL & ROSES are sending continual positive vibrations to each and every one of you, your families & friends during this bizarre and unusual time. We hope you are safe and healthy and making your way thru this disaster with as little disruption as possible. We’re all in this together!

Naturally, we are all disappointed not to be together this weekend, but we have several very positive developments that should hopefully brighten your outlook…


Mark your calendars, we’re officially rescheduled to approximately the same time next year. We felt it best to take a full year off to allow the virus to run its course, rather than trying to force an earlier date that may also be negatively affected. ***If you plan to join us, you don’t need to do anything. Your ticket will be honored even if ticket prices increase in the future.***

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